I have social anxiety

The episode of True Life that I chose was “I Have Social Anxiety.” Social anxiety is a mental condition in which people feel scared or nervous to go out in public and talk to people. Many people have this condition and it can be so severe that it will hold them back from their normal lives.

There were two individuals with social anxiety in this episode and both had different forms of this condition. The first person was Nonie and her social anxiety is so bad that even going out to eat in public scares her. I believe that the narrative she expresses is restitution. She clearly takes on the sick role because she understands that she has very bad social anxiety and the only way to fix it is to embrace it and move forward. During the episode, she explains her condition and how she won’t go to a therapist because that would even make her nervous. She then took medication to try to improve herself but it didn’t really help her. Nonie explains that she can’t go to college because the thought of going to class with a lot of people around made her have panic attack. She constantly tries to get better and make this social anxiety go away, but it remains difficult.

The second individual was Scott and his social anxiety was a little different. He could talk to people and go in public, but whenever he talked to an attractive girl he panicked. He has never had a girlfriend in his entire life and during this episode he was on a mission to find one. I believe that the type of narrative he expresses would be restitution as well. He is constantly trying to improve on talking to girls and has taken the sick role because he understands he can’t do it and is seeking help. He tried harmonic treatment therapy and other methods to help him relax. He is currently working at a place where he hopes to meet other women and is going to sports bars every weekend. He is still very nervous, but has been showing improvements and getting better.

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