I Have Social Anxiety

In this episode of True Life “I Have Social Anxiety” two people’s lives were followed that suffered sever social anxiety. The women, Nonie, had graduated high school and tried attending college for a year, but she dropped out of college because she couldn’t attend class with so many people. She also could not hold a job or go to therapy, all because she did not want to interact with strangers. She also still lived with her parents and only hung out with one close friend. Sadly she saw herself has not wanted in any situation and ugly. Her mother tried to get her to go to therapy, but she was too scared to talk to a stranger about her issues. After she was prescribed medication she did not take it, but eventually she started taking it and it helped her be able to interact in normal settings.  The other man, Scott, story was not as sever, but he had issues interacting with women.  He was a 26 year old virgin who had never moved out of his parents house or had any sort of relationship with a women. He was terrified to talk to women he was attracted to because he thought they would judge him. Stuttering and sweating whenever an attractive women would ask him a simple question, such as what he majored in while in college.  These narratives are more like quest, trying to find a happy ending on a struggling path of playing the sick role.  As said before the women took medication that helped her be able to go out in public, but she eventually stopped taking it because it made her feel like a zombie. The man went to one on one therapy a few times a year and also did a relaxation therapy that was suppose to take away all his anxiety. He become much better at interacting with women and just needed to pick up some game and not be so straight forward. The roll these two play is the sick role leaving responsibilities behind, like getting a further education or getting their own places and not relaying on their parents for everything. They act like children that are scared to face life.  Seeing the dynamic in the narrative between different family members and doctors with patients gives one a real inside look on how people with the same illness can compare and contrast.

MTV. “True Life: I Have Social Anxiety”. MTV video, 38:52. May 1, 2013. July 25, 2014.  http://www.mtv.com/shows/truelife/true-life-i-have-social-anxiety/1706675/playlist/#id=1706675


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  1. Lindsey Green says:

    I watched a video blog post about a girl who described her social anxiety in various atmospheres and how she overcame it. She could not go into public areas without someone leading the way. Her thought process was that everyone was watching her every move and judging her. This can relate to the woman, Nonie, who tried to attend college but she couldn’t attend class with so many people so she ended up dropping out. She also hated going to lunch because she was overweight at the time and because there were so many people in the lunchroom. I believe her underlying trigger to social anxiety was the weight problem she had to deal with. With Nonie she was prescribed medication for her condition and began to feel better. The girl in the attached video is only interested in herbal remedies (not including illegal drugs). She claims that she doesn’t want chemicals and wants to treat herself in a more natural way. I believe culture has a lot to do with social anxiety. If you don’t look a certain way then you wont be accepted is what runs through a lot of peoples minds. Gender is also another key factor. If you are a woman you have to look skinny and act like you’re in charge. If you’re a man then you have to be masculine and thick. There are many standards now a days that heavily contribute to the culture now.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXEXeUbJjTA D
    ate accessed July 27, 2014

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