“I’m addicted to heroin”

I chose the video: I’m addicted to Heroin, because addiction is an illness. It is sometimes hard for those without addiction to understand, because it is a mental process, and it appears to be a choice to people. Becoming clean and getting out of an unhealthy lifestyle can be just as hard as treating an illness that is visible physically.
I would say that all 3 of these people in the heroin addict true life episode are telling a “quest” narrative. They are suffering in the moment, and are trying to cope with the days that they don’t have the drugs that they have become accustomed to rely on for survival. There is a huge stigma against people that are living with drug addiction, or any addiction for that matter, whether it be food, alcohol, or another. The thing about addiction, is that it is biologically present, so some are born with a predisposition to addiction. Our culture is very individualistic, therefore when someone is suffering from an addiction, it is hard to feel bad for that person. It is usually something that is viewed as a choice, rather than an illness, or it may just be viewed as a person being lazy and not dealing with their problems.
One of the girls in the true life episode had to undergo heart surgery and lung surgery from an IV infection. It was told that she could die if she were to start using again. She then shifts from the IV use to snorting opiates. The addiction is transferred, so even though the medical profession decides to warn her, there was no counseling or mental health support offered in this situation.
When someone is dealing with addiction, it is on the mind all of the time. There is a constant need and struggle to make sure that the drugs are acquired, and that can mean manipulating family, not showing up to jobs and everyday responsibilities.
Just as the video, “A day living with diabetes” shows, there are many extra efforts that go into a day for someone who has to go above and beyond caring for their health, such as addicts and recovering addicts. Some of these things it’s hard for others to even begin to think about, because the health issues have not ever been present or a threat personally. It’s absolutely useful for those who suffer to tell their stories, and as Anna does, take those who don’t have to experience the troubles of being diabetic, through the day-day life she leads. The same goes for the addicts on true life. It gives the rest of society a moment to look into their lives with a humanistic slant to it, rather than just a story or situation to pass judgement on.
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  1. Ava Peera says:

    I chose to comment on this post because I also believe that addiction is an illness. Some people may argue that addiction isn’t an illness and all the blame is placed on the individuals lack of self control, but I disagree. Addiction is more than that and it is a life threatening illness. I found a video that follows a man’s journey that showed us his heroin addiction. It shows how badly it effects his everyday life and the toll it takes on his family. It is clear that Ben and his family are trying to overcome this addiction but it ends up taking Ben’s life. Ben’s family discusses that they don’t understand how this addiction began. They grew up in a very loving, caring family in a nice community. I think that Ben’s addiction stemmed from his social environment. His friends say he was always the center of attention at parties. He just wanted to try a new thing and he never thought that he wouldn’t be able to overcome his addiction. He quickly realized how dangerous the drug was and how hard it is to fight an addiction and stay clean. Even with all the love and support from his family and friends, the addiction was too strong.

  2. Riasia Franklin says:

    As I was deciding on which post to make a comment on, I came across yours because talking about the addiction of heroin is kind off a common addiction with more and more people getting hooked on it, also reports about heroin being more stronger and more cheap nowadays leads to more and more cases of heroin addicts. I truly believe that an addiction to heroin could be defined as an illness, although some people might not see it that way, but I believe so because it has to do with the way people think and discipline their self mentally not so much physically because heroin mainly affects the brain. I found a short clip on youtube from ABC news that shows us 2 young adults Ashley (21) and Justin (19) who are both addicted to heroin and actually hide it from their parents and are both unemployed. Ashley and Justin from the clip I found on youtube could compare to the true life episode you chose to talk about in a couple of ways. One way would be the fact that their were times when these people needed heroin so bad that they manipulate family members or parents for money so they could purchase the drug and make up lies telling them the money is to get used for something else more reasonable. It appears to be that Ashley was actually influenced by peers in her high school. I actually think in most cases most young adults or teens get turned on drugs from their peers in school or around the neighborhood.
    “The New Face of Heroin Addiction.” Youtube Video, 8:32. Posted by”ABC news,” October 29, 2010 http://youtu.be/cskq_zGVSZs
    Hyperlink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cskq_zGVSZs

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