i’m addicted to the internet

From the 3 different people of gender and occupation are introduced. The three that seems to be spending large amount of time on the internet. The show present in a first person perspective with audio and visual of their behavior. It shows that not only they spend lots of time, it have become an obsessive behavior for a need to use the internet access. With the realization of the internet addiction from family members and friends have set their mind to end the problem. By mentioning that they have problem with internet addiction they come to admit that they being affected with internet addiction. A high school student with dropping grades because severe distraction to study, a young man living off his parent while only spending time on blogging, a wife with weakening family relationship with her husband. Their life have been so focused on the usage of the internet it prevent them from doing anything else productive and they are being viewed as unproductive and more as an extra weight to take care of. It is not harming themselves but also to their family and/or friends.  To prevent from getting worse and to reduce or cure of internet addiction have become a quest to stop internet addiction. At first their behavior are not really tolerated, viewed negatively and even being mocked, but in the end the family or friends do want for them to change and know it is hard for them to change. With their quest to cure internet addiction most of their help are from advice and interaction with their friends, family members or a psychologist.

Each of the three had a different way to resolve the problem. A teen girl are being introduced with new friends and the mother now monitor her internet usage. A young man are forced to change his habit by getting a job and learn more about responsibility of being productive in the work force and pay bills. A mother that visited a psychologist are made to record the usage of her internet usage. At the end of the show their quest of solving internet addiction have been successful for the two out of the three. The one that fail was the mother who she was unwilling to change. Though she is affected with internet addiction, her quest was to limit her internet usage but she was uncooperative but I think the problem are also the lack of support from her husband. The reason that the high school girl and the young man problem resolve is because of more social support from their family and friends. With their support has allowed them to express their problem and rely on their supporters.

From what I learned that the discussion of their illness are both important to the patient and the listener. It is important to the patient, because they can express to relive their thought and shared their problem. To the listener, it is to be informed of their situation and provide the best way for them to help with the problem.



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