Im Desperate To Have a Baby

This story is a quest narrative. This type of narrative best fits this story because both families are on a quest to begin a family. They used this narrative by exploring all options in having a family. One family tried for almost 7 years to have a baby. They tried to conceive the natural way and also the in-vitro way. They in-vitro method was their last resort. After trying countless times with many failed attempts of the in-vitro method they only had enough money for one more shot. The family ended up using a surrogate mother to complete the process. They were in the process of raising the money for the procedure when the show had ended. The second family had been trying for a over a couple years to get pregnant when they decided to try in-vitro. They implanted two fertilized eggs in the mothers uterus for better results. The culture these days includes having the perfect family. Everyone wants a kid or two once they reach a certain age. Its in our genes, so of course anyone is going to do what ever they can do to start a family whether it be in-vitro, surrogate, or even adoption.

Both of the families experiences with the medical professionals was adequate. All of the professionals seemed interested in both cases and wanted to help. The medical personnel i believe did everything in their power to make these couples have children, it mostly depended on if the mother would take the embryo. They husbands took over for the care of their wives. Most of the time they administered the medications necessary and the processes required for the in-vitro procedures. Illness narratives can help an individual understand their condition. They can also help outside parties get a sense of what their family or loved ones are going through and help them get the treatment and medications they need.

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