I’m Drunkorexic

The true life episode I chose to watch was “I’m drunkorexic.” This episode followed Laura, a 24-year-old female and DJ, a 22-year-old male. They both suffered from eating disorders as well as being severe alcoholics. I believe that being drunkorexic is a “medical condition” because it involves having significant psychological problems with their physical appearances, which led to eating disorders, as well as dependence for alcohol. Being drunkorexic was characterized by restricting the amount of food they ate in order to have left over calories to binge drink. This caused a number of problems, as you can imagine. DJ ended up with stomach problems the persisted for over four months in which he couldn’t stomach food any more. Laura had more problems with her personal life and the relationship she had with her boyfriend Matt. DJ went in and saw a medical doctor. His experience with the doctor was not pleasant, the doctor seemed shock to the negative extent to which DJ let his body get to. DJ also was given pills and told he should immediately change his lifestyle such as his extreme partying and lack of eating. An “illness narrative” was depicted throughout this episode because it showed the progression of problems each person faced as their addiction to alcohol and lack of regular eating habits worsened. There was a chaos narrative present in this episode. Both Laura and DJ were struggling especially with the mental problems with being drunkorexic. They had a lot of internal conflict going on with their illness. The stigma attached with being a drunk is quite negative. The lives of these two people also diminished because they weren’t able to eat a normal amount of food each day. Illness narratives are useful because they allow friends, and the people closest to the persons suffering a look into how severe the situation actually is. Narratives also provide evidence on how prevalent a certain illness may be for healthcare providers.

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  1. Sultan Qiblawi says:

    I chose to analyze drunkorexia because I was completely unaware of it. I think that this disorder is something that is completely overlooked and is, often times, not mentioned in mass media forms. I found an article talking about an 18 year old named Nakhara who is a drunkorexic. The article claims that Nakhara starves herself all of Sunday and Monday so she can drink more on ‘Monday Madness’ outings and not gain any weight. She states that she always feels that she is ‘getting bigger’ so it puts her into a perpetual cycle where she eats less before she goes on a night of drinking. She has been living with this disorder for two and half years, and in that time she has lost a considerable amount of weight, her hair has started to fall out, and her periods have stopped. Nakhara is seeking help from doctors and admits that she has a problem, and her older sister, Danielle, is worried for Nakhara’s safety. The experience of Nakhara is very similar to the illness narrative of the Laura because they are of the same age group and are the same gender. It seems that this disorder is common for people (more commonly girls) in their late teens and early twenties. Their experiences are also similar because their was a considerable amount of stress on their family members. Nakhara’s sister was very considered about her younger sister’s health and Laura, from True life, had trouble with her boyfriend Matt. This shows that this disorder puts a considerable amount of stress on the person experiencing it, as well as the people that around them. I think that the biggest factors in drunkorexia are age, and gender. I was reading that drunkorexia was on the rise for females that are in college, and this is evident in the post above and the article that I found.

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