“I’m drunkorexic”

I chose a very interesting episode of true life called “I’m drunkorexic”. This particular episode follows the lives of a young man and lady both in their early twenties. They both not only suffer from an eating disorder but also have an alcohol addiction. Being a “drunkorexic” is a combination of being an alcohol and anorexic. So the individuals who suffer from this condition are not happy or confident with their bodies and seek comfort from alcohol. This people in this episode, Laura and DJ, would count the calories they would consume in a day so they could binge drink. Both Laura and DJ both suffered in different ways from their condition. DJ suffered from medical injuries and Laura’s relationship began to suffer because of her actions.

Throughout the entire episode an illness narrative was presented. The episode shows the personal lives of the individuals, their thoughts, and their progress over time. The illness narrative for both Laura and DJ begins as “Chaos” and then progresses to “Quest”. It starts of as showing a chaos narrative because both Laura and DJ know they have a problem but aren’t quite ready to muster up the will power to do something about it.  They know that what they are doing is not only damaging to their bodies but to the people around them and their relationships. Both Laura and DJ were feeding a vicious cycle of being unhappy with their bodies and drinking.

In America people are bombarded with the image of being thin and it gives off the idea that that is what’s beautiful and right. Not everyone can be thin. It’s more important to be healthy. I feel that if the image of “being healthy” was promoted more than simply “being thin” people like Laura and DJ wouldn’t be so insecure.

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