Male Post-Partum Depression

I chose to elaborate on post-partum depression in males because I believe that it is very misunderstood in our society today. You always hear about post-partum depression symptoms in mothers after they have had a baby, but it is rarely ever associated with men. Before this, I actually had never heard of postpartum symptoms in males, so I thought it would be a good topic to explore. Post-partum depression is the case of moderate to severe depression after the birth of your child. In the United States culture especially, men are viewed as weak for expressing their feelings and emotions, specifically sadness and crying, which could worsen this depression immensely.

Management and treatment of this condition vary in many ways. In lecture, it was said that taking time off of work or school or whatever you are involved in could help improve your condition. But parenting isn’t really something you can take a break from to help feel better from postpartum depression. Also, many women experience post partum depression after the birth of their child so it is especially difficult for the men to improve their condition when their wife is experiencing the same thing.

I believe that there is definitely a correlation between healing and belief. There were many examples from the film “Placebo: Cracking the Code” that backed up this theory. For example, pills could improve the illness, but even the thought of taking medicines may make people feel better as well. When you think you’re getting better, your health may actually improve. Some believe in a higher power as a healer. As far as personal experience, sometimes when I’m not feeling well or have a stomach ache, i just try to ignore it or take a nap and it eventually goes away. Most of the time the power of your mind is a great healer, sometimes working just as well as actual medicinal products. Sometimes just the thought that you’re getting better or getting rid of the pain helps.

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