Male Post- Partum Depression

I chose the illness, male post-partum depression because I honestly have never heard of it. I have always thought that only mothers suffered from it. This could be like Craig Mullins said; our culture discourages men from expressing their feeling especially when it makes them appear weak. Most men do not know they have post-partum depression and they are not easily identified since men show signs of depression in ways other than crying and sadness. Some examples Mullins gave are, cynicism, impulsiveness and indecisiveness. Parenting is very difficult and it is normal for both parents to feel stressed and overwhelmed, even the father. After all, after having a child, the father is obligated to work hard and provide for his family as well as the stress that comes with taking care of a newborn. To first treat this illness, men need to realize that they have post-partum depression. The next step is to get professional help to get treated. Post-partum depression is a mental illness and can be treated with counseling and therapy. Talking about their feeling will help the fathers get over their depression and can live normal, happy lives with their children.

I am a firm believer in the connection between belief and healing. I have had experiences where I have been around someone that is ill and I start to believe that I am sick. This could also be the case with healing. In my culture, the Arab culture, my grandmother believes that if you pray on a cup of water and have the ill drink it, they will be healed from the pain they feel. I have tried this ritual before, and because I believed that the water was some form of cure, I felt better. In the film, “Placebo: Cracking the Code” shows many examples that prove the strong connection between belief and healing. The showed proof that the theory of the mind healing itself was actually tested to be true. Patients were given a placebo pill that healed them. Even placebo surgeries have cured people. Tricking the mind into thinking that the pill your physician is giving will cure you, makes you believe that you will be healed once you take it.

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