Male postpartum

Male postpartum disorder is a condition where fathers become depressed after the child is born. This is slightly different than mothers but a similar condition and symptoms. Whereas mothers have separation anxiety in a way the fathers are so overwhelmed with their new life that depression sets in. In the story I read online the father described feelings of being a bad dad or worrying that he is not doing the right thing. The story also describes how the dad was upset and this caused him to lash out which he then  felt guilty about. Honestly, this seems like every parent to me. Society and media display parenthood as being this easy thing and make it seem like it won’t be as hard as it really is. This type of culture makes the feelings that this father is having a disorder when in fact I don’t think it is a disorder at all. Something being classified as a disorder means that it is not the norm when in fact every new parent on this planet probably feels this way at some point!

I believe that depression is a condition that needs to be treated but I really don’t believe that postpartum is a separate condition. I think that the main treatment that needs to be done for this mental disorder is to make it more well known that things are hard and parenting is a learning experience and that if your baby cries and doesn’t stop it doesn’t mean you are a bad parent. I think that this is the only way to heal from this or maybe even prevent this type of issue.

While watching the video on the placebo effect I related this to what I do when I feel anxious about something like an exam or assignment. What I do when I am scared about my ability to perform on an exam or at a new job is I honestly just keep telling myself that I can do it and that I will be successful and I calm down and begin to have a clear mind again. I think that this is what these parents needs to do rather than being treated with medications. I don’t think that it is all in their minds but I do think that there is a large part of it. I think that it is crazy to think that your brain has such a huge affect on whether you feel good or not it’s like we ‘sike’ ourselves out.

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