RLS (restless leg syndrome)

Restless leg syndrome is a condition which makes a person suffering have a constant need to move their legs or an irritation in the legs that is only relived by using the legs by walking or getting up. RLS or restless leg syndrome is one of the most conflicted conditions in the US, in that many people have their disbelieving about its legitimacy as an actual disease. I think one of the main reasons that people don’t take it seriously is that it doesn’t seem like a big deal to someone who isn’t experiencing it. further more you cant actually see anything physically wrong with the person. For those reasons i think people tend to downplay the seriousness of the condition, just as they do with many others who symptoms are concealed or hard to point out. Others seem to support the notion that it is very real and should be taken with full seriousness. One of the main arguments people who appose RLS use to support their cases is that. They claim that RLS is not a real condition and that pharmaceutical companies have made it up in order to get people to spend money on their products. Another is that people are claiming to have RLS simply because they are hypochondriacs and just feel better after taking pill. I think that because of the way people seem to shoot down this condition as something that is real. The people that are actually suffering from it have to hang their heads and not seek help for fear of being called a lair for lack of a better word. Also people suffering from it might think that its all in their head and that they can control if they just try hard enough. This however as I have read from several accounts just makes matters worse. So all and all I think that the way we down play this condition as something that isn’t a big deal really does affect the people suffering because they are less likely to seek out help for it and live with a lower quality. Finally I think the connection between healing and believing have a huge connection. For one the phrase “mind over matter” mean just that the mind has to power to do amazing things if you just push it hard enough. I think that there are a lot of western medicines that work very well in that way they treat the illnesses they are designed to treat, but i think that there are way too many pharmaceutical companies that force pills down peoples mouths. I believe the mind has great healing power and that a huge number of pills would be off the market if we only let the body heal in its natural way.

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  1. Sultan Qiblawi says:

    I chose to look at Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) because it is something that I have heard people diagnose themselves with and not really treat it as a real deal. I believe that it is synonymous to how people say ‘I have OCD,’ but don’t actually have it. I agree with your post, and I think that RLS is not taken serious at all in our society, because it is not seen as detrimental to people who don’t have it. It is not life threatening and has a low impact on the people who are around it. After this week’s lectures, I have learned that there is a large amount of influence coming from your social sphere. Specifically, RLS does not have a great amount cultural importance and therefore there is not a large amount awareness about it. Friends and families impact RLS by downplaying the severity of the ailment and discouraging the person suffering from seeking professional help. When this happens, people are less likely to get help and are more likely to live with the full severity of the disease, like RLS. I agree with your post, when you talk about how the large amount of pills that people are forced to take from pharmaceutical is detrimental to the body. I do believe, however, that allowing the correct medications to work with the body is important to eradicating a disease/disorder.

  2. Lindsey Green says:

    I chose Restless leg syndrome because according to symptoms that people have told me and what I’ve read about I feel I could classify myself as having restless leg syndrome, or at least an acute form of the disorder. When I am sitting I always have to have my legs moving, constantly. It can be just my toes or my whole leg. Sometimes I don’t even realize I am moving my legs until someone tells me to stop. It is almost a feeling of pain when you have to quit moving your legs or feet. I agree with you post about society not taking RLS seriously. People classify this condition as being not detrimental and having a low impact on the people around them. This being said, our culture is unaware of it. Scientists and researchers aren’t going to spend their time trying to cure a condition when there is other life threatening ones manifesting in hundreds of people. My friends, family or social institutions are not influenced by these perceptions, if anything it annoys them. They aren’t fazed by this condition unless it is brought to their attention. They only way they are faced with this condition is if they see someone with it. For example, when I cant stop moving my legs or even realize I’m moving them they become annoyed of the constant movement/ tapping.

  3. Taylor Smith says:

    Before this class, I was unaware that Restless Leg Syndrome was actually a medically recognized condition. To me, it was almost more of a slang term we used to describe a hyperactive person that could not sit still, or a mindless switch someone has occasionally while sitting for long periods. I never thought that Restless Leg Syndrome could be such a hindrance to daily life. The fact that there was physical pain and such mental distraction was quite a surprise to me. I think the popular cultural perception of this disease reinforced my opinions as well. Most either believe that it is not a true biomedical condition, and that if patients are given treatment, the only reason they feel better is because they have it in their mind that a magical pill is curing them. After reading and watching the materials provided by this class and even doing a bit of my own research, I believe that this is a very real condition now, and in many cases, is much more serious than most of us realize. However, I do not know if I believe that there is a simple pill that will treat all the symptoms associated with the disease. In my opinion, I think that a placebo effect would be profoundly more effective at curing the wide range of symptoms one can have, if they truly believe in their mind that they can get better.

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