True Life: I Have Diabetes

I chose this episode of True Life because I feel that a lot of people suffer from diabetes. This episode followed the stories of three young adults, Kristyn who is 25 years old, and Matt and Jen who are both 19 years old.  Kristyn suffers from Type I diabetes. She has been living on her own for three years and is maintaining two job just so she can keep up to pay her medical bills. Although she has medical insurance, it doesn’t cover all of her medical expenses, which put her in $12,000 in debt. This forced her to move back to her parent’s house so she pays off her debt. Matt also has Type I diabetes. He started off a good patient, always took his insulin and watched what he ate. However, once he entered college he wanted to have fun and party.  He wanted the full college experience with parties and alcohol. He didn’t want his diabetes to hold him back from having fun in college. He stopped taking care of himself as much and drank excessively. He eventually had a few seizures because of his drinking. But that didn’t stop him from continuing his party life. Jen, on the other hand, has Type II diabetes and was also pregnant. She was forced to eat well to keep her glucose levels low for her baby’s health and herself as well. Because of her bad habit of eating fast foods, she ends up needing insulin injections. The doctors advised her to stop eating fast foods because her baby would be too big to deliver and there would be a lot of risk factors for her baby.  Jen had to deliver the baby two weeks early and the baby was put in ICU because they had to dislocate the baby’s shoulder to deliver it. Jen goes back to her old dietary habit and is re-diagnosed with Type I diabetes. This is a quest narrative. They all live normal lives aside from their diabetes. However, they each have a goal to attain. Kristyn wants to pay off her debt because of her illness and live on her own again. Matt wanted to live his normal college life and vowed to stop drinking after college. Jen wanted to deliver a healthy baby aside from her diabetes.

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  1. Albert Tamayo says:

    Widad, I chose to comment on your post because many people in my family also have diabetes. The story I found that also focused on diabetes is one about a man named Jeffrey who has type 2 diabetes. Jeffrey was diagnosed with diabetes in his thirties. For many years he took medication and went on with his life. Unfortunately, the disease caused him to gain more and more weight and the added benefit of insulin injections began to deteriorate. In 2009 Jeffrey decided that he needed to either lose weight or die. Since then he has lost 100 pounds over a 15 month period. He has kept the weight off by focusing extremely hard on his diet. He cooks for himself at home and only eats the healthiest foods he can find. He does indulge in pizza every now and again and stresses the importance of not beating yourself up over those type of cheat meals. He also snacks on fruit and yogurt regularly. Jeffrey is now finally able to control his blood sugar levels even though he is now in his sixties. For him, success came after he decided to fully commit to getting better through proper diet (Myers). His story is obviously different than Jen from your True Life episode since Jen wanted to get better for her baby, but Jeffrey wanted to get better for himself. However, their stories are similar in that they both illustrate that complications arise quickly from diabetes and the best way people can counter those complications, or even prevent them, is through proper diet and exercise.

    Myers, Wyatt. “Type 2 Diabetes: Jeffrey’s Story”. Accessed July 26, 2014.

  2. Mohkam Singh says:

    Because the true life episode you wrote your post on focuses on young adults living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, I thought it would be interesting to learn what living with diabetes is like for older people. This blog is about a man named Scott K. Johnson, who has had type 1 diabetes since 1980. Scott discusses that living with diabetes is hard and isolating, as he has to constantly watch what he eats (much like the people in the episode) and take medicine to make sure his blood sugar levels stay safe. He discusses how he has to calculate nutritional facts constantly throughout the day, which seems like he takes pretty good care of himself. Probably because he is older, he takes the disease more seriously than the young adults in the episode. He discusses that he started out his blog as a way to keep records of what he eats, and so that maybe his family could better understand what he goes through. After writing for a while, he realized that keeping a blog was helping him cope with the disease. It seems that he is helping others with diabetes, as his experiences can reach out to others with the disease and help them cope as well.

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