True Life: I Have Social Anxiety

The true life that I decided to watch was one about social anxiety. In this episode there are two people who do not know how to interact with others in social situations. The female, Nonie, had anxiety with everyone in public and found every excuse to not go somewhere. Even going into a restaurant without her mom by her side made her have anxiety because she feared other people talking to her. The male, Scott,  had more of a specific anxiety where he could not talk to woman and had been struggling with that since he was in middle school.

Both of them had different narratives; Scott was quest and Nonie was chaos. Scott told his story as a quest narrative because of the way that he took it as a journey. He went and found different ways to throw himself into a social situation to make him overcome his fear of woman. Every new thing that Scott did, it helped improve himself and in the end he was able to talk to girls and even give them his number. On the other hand, Nonie went with the chaos narrative and wanted to restore her health as quickly as possible. The only help she received was from taking pills and overall she said they made her feel like a zombie and she quit them.

In todays culture/society, being able to talk to someone is very important. It gets you jobs, significant others, friends, etc. To have fear of interacting with others causes major problems in daily activities. Nonie said at one point that she does not feel comfortable even leaving her house. Having this anxiety is hard for someone in todays culture to be able to succeed.

I believe that illness narratives are extremely helpful to the patients/doctors/family. If someone is able to speak out about their illness and talk to people about it, it can help them overcome their illness. When talking about this with doctors and family members it gives them a better sense of what you are going through and exactly what you feel. When speaking of your illness with another patient suffering, it could even help them overcome their struggles and not feel as isolated anymore. In this weeks lecture we talked about RLS. Some people may not believe that this is an illness, but hearing the woman speak about it and tell her narrative gave me a better sense of what she was going through. Narratives are a huge help to the teller and the listener and should be strongly recommended.

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