True Life: I’m Drunkorexic

I watched “True Life: ’m Drunkorexic” which follows two young adults obsessing over their weight. They skip meals and when they do eat they measure or obsess about how much they are eating. They realized that they can drink their calories by drinking alcohol. The man in the movie, DJ, found himself not being able to keep anything down. When he ate, he would vomit and this was due to months of not eating anything before drinking. He said that he realized that he could save calories by not eating before drinking. He blacked out regularly, which is obviously awful. Once is bad enough, but to do it on the regular is awful. Laura, also felt that her weight was an issue and she would obsess over her food to where she had food logs and would weigh her food. She refused to eat and never felt satisfied.


Both of these people realized they had issues, especially due to the fact that their support system told them. However, it didn’t seem like they had much support to actually quit drinking or get help because they people that surrounded them never changed the lifestyle.


The type of narrative for this True Life was hard for me to decide on. I felt that it could have been either restitution narrative or chaos. The reason I felt this way is because restitution sees there being a cure at some point as where chaos feels that the illness will be permanent and will only get worse. To me either of these would work but I think for these situations it would be chaos. It’s hard to take yourself out of the situation to see that you can get better.


DJ and Laura, by sharing their story, are able to connect others that feel the same way they do or are going through the same issues. This way they might be able to help others get sober and get help.

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  1. Devin Jay-Garfein says:

    The video I found is from YouTube and it is called Slave to My Eating Disorder – Taryn’s Story. It is a quest narrative because she speaks about her condition and talks about how she is supported and changed. At the end of the video there is a free hotline number where anyone can call for eating disorder support. Taryn talks about the help she received and is informing people that they will not be judged. The point of the video is to tell her story in hopes of helping others.
    Taryn in the YouTube video acknowledges her illness and personal growth. In comparison, the MTV episode people were not trying to make a difference in their lives. They knew they were not healthy, but have made no lifestyle changes. I think the main influence was the other people in the sick people’s lives. Taryn seems well educated and was able to find a supportive environment. She found a house that she could live in where she would be understood and cared for. Also the people around her were going through similar problems and she didn’t feel judged. In the MTV episode the people were not given support from others around them. They didn’t have a safe house or hotline that they were aware of. Their lives seem to be spinning out of control and they didn’t have a safety net. Hopefully they will come across something like Taryn’s video and find help.
    Slave to My Eating Disorder – Taryn’s St. Video. YouTube. July 27, 2014.

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