Type 1 Diabetes

The condition I chose to elaborate on is diabetes. Diabetes effects many people around the world and could be very life threatening for some people who have it.  Specifically speaking, kids and teens that have diabetes may feel isolated or like an outsider to other kids their age and even feel isolated from their own families. It seems really complicated for a teen or kid who has to deal with having diabetes because it could take time away from doing things kids enjoy doing, such as hobbies or hanging with friends. Teens that have diabetes may also feel embarrassed because of the diet and medical restrictions they encounter while having diabetes. Making sure to eat specific food and do certain treatments several times a day on a daily basis could be very overwhelming for a teen. For example, in the short clip“ A Day Living with Diabetes.” , the 11-year old girl Anna had to make sure she does her daily treatments several times a day and make sure that everything she eats gets noted down and she also has to count the carbs. Culture and biomedicine can influence this illness experience by making sure teens follow the diet restrictions associated with having diabetes. Some teens might not want to fully follow it and be like other teens, and thinking that it’s not a big deal if they eat certain things, which makes it had for the doctors to treat the condition, that would be the biomedicine influence and the culture influence would probably be a certain type of healing that the culture does for this certain type of illness. I think this influences the management of the treatment of the condition by actually making it difficult for doctors to treat the illness, especially if the teens are not following the certain restrictions required for treatment, due to many factors previously discussed above.  I believe the connection between belief and healing is very strong. I believe that when someone is ill they have to believe and have faith that they will be okay and have a positive attitude about it along with doing what it takes as far s treatment for the healing process, with doing those, I believe someone can actually get back well. For example, in the film “Placebo: Cracking the Code”, it was very interesting to see how the woman with depression was actually cured with placebos.

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