Type 1 Diabetes

I believe that Type 1 Diabetes is commonly misunderstood in our culture. It is a condition in which our body doesn’t produce enough insulin to allow sugar to enter the cells for energy. Many people go through the day perfectly fine and don’t stop to think about what life is for people with certain conditions, in this case, diabetes. As I watched the video on a day in the life of a person with diabetes, there were several things that Anna had to do throughout the day to make sure her blood sugar was stable. Right when she woke up she had to test her blood sugar and six times total each day using a finger prick. When she needed to go somewhere, she would have to take her blood glucose monitor and treatment with her. She also has to count her carbs at every meal and when she goes grocery shopping too. Normal people could go get something to eat and never think that diabetics need to keep track of the carbs in their meals. These are just a few examples of what people with diabetes go through each day.

From culture standpoint, diabetes can often be misunderstood and many people think it is strictly obese people who have it, but this is not the case. You can develop it at anytime and it could lead to obesity because it is very difficult to control. Therefore, our culture looks at diabetes the wrong way, which negatively influences it. Biomedicine is very good for people with diabetes because it allows them to control their condition, such as insulin pumps and blood glucose monitors. It helps a diabetic to control and monitor their blood sugar throughout the day. There currently is no cure, but research is still being done to find one.

There is definitely a connection between belief and healing. When talking about the placebo effect, many people refer to it has a pill or shot taken that has no effect, but the person doesn’t know it. In some cases people believe that they have been healed because they were given some drug that will make them better. As the film stated, our belief that the pill is indeed real can provoke our body to heal itself. In one case, a man with crippling knee pain was given a fake surgery where they put two slits in his knee and stitched him back up, and because he thought it was a real surgery, he was able to walk perfectly normal again, which truly shows the relationship between belief and healing.

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