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The narrative I chose to analyze is called “Types of Schizophrenia – A day in the life of.” This narrative was written from the chaos narrative perspective to determine what an individual experiences when dealing with this disease. These two narratives are both similar because they seem to depict a personal experience from the chaos narrative, they do not attempt to treat (in the case of josh the first schizophrenic patient in Ashley’s narrative). I think culture plays a major role in the peoples experiences they seem to have these ticks or a psychosis that is exacerbated by others opinions of what they experience to wrong or abnormal, which could in turn cause extreme stress and contribute negatively to their condition. one major difference though is that the narrative i reviewed was simply describing the experience to the individual with schizophrenia, not those around them. I also think that the way family reacts and manages the issue with the victim plays a major role in the person’s experience. If an individuals family is able to positively embrace or manage the illness I think that it could have more of a positive affect on their personal management of the disease and allow them to live a less stressful, more fulfilled lives while coping with the illness.

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