week 4 reflection comment

Postpartum depression was a disease that I have heard of in the past and had a lot of respect for as a legitimate illness. However I was very unaware that Male-postpartum depression even existed. When I first heard about this concept it seemed a little outlandish because males, even though they do play a large role in the new parent role, do not have any factor in the actual physical birthing process or experience any of the severe hormonal imbalances that a lot of new mothers face. Also, I felt that in comparison males have a much easier time dealing with the new adjustment to parenthood than mothers because they have so many fewer issues going on at the same time. I think that my perceptions of this illness were very altered by the emphasis on the role change women experience during new parenthood without realizing that this role also plays a major factor on men as well. The course material made me look at this in a different light in such a way that the level of stress on the mother (especially if it is someone you truly care for) will directly affect the mental status of the new father. It just goes to show that there are always going to be unseen variables in illness and something you may overlook could be the direct cause of the illness.

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