Medicine has had major changes in its uses over the past, mainly in the change from the trends of medicalization to biomedicalization. The medicalization trends kind of medicine was mainly the type of medicine that would help to keep you alive, as in medicines like penicillin or even vaccinations. The switch to biomedicalization is a change from your well-being to improving your body to a version that would be more socially or medically acceptable. This shows that our health values have changed more from protecting from diseases and other health problems to that of becoming more socially acceptable, or even to feel healthier. Especially in more recent history, our society has grown to the idea of taking medicine to help with basically any ailment, so you will see ads saying that all you have to do is go to your doctor and ask them to prescribe you the medicine for your symptoms and everything will be good from there on.

The main idea of the medicine in my ad is that it allows you to continue to be the same person that you are if you did not have allergies. It allows you to get rid of the symptoms of the allergy and be able to focus on the tasks at hand. Socially it allows you to be able to contribute to your friends by being there and not inhibited by the allergen; like in the ad where the lady is trying to help everyone by being the guide on the forest excursion and without her they all would not be able to do what they were doing. The extent of what they say for the medical information is that it will not cause drowsiness while it will lift your symptoms of your allergy; this shows that they are just telling us that it will make us feel better while not giving us any real information as to why it does that. It does not even tell if you need a prescription or not for said medicine, so it would be assumed that you do not even need to go to your doctor to request a prescription for this medicine.

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