The culture of biomedicine explains the aspects of health in terms of how we treat our patients. The culture of biomedicine, or allopathic medicine places an emphasis on learning about the body and body systems in order to treat different diseases and conditions as well as maintain health. According to lecture , biomedicine is widely accepted in the United States because people believe in the authority of biomedicine. Biomedicine is culturally tied into our society, by political problems and economics. Over time the foundation of biomedicine changes due to the changes in our culture and society. For example, the flu shot. The flu changes and evolves every year based upon our climate and society, therefore we must change the ways of medicine for that particular flu virus as well.

When I think of the word dichotomy I think of polar opposites or reverse groups. In terms of our society and culture the word dichotomy can mean many different things. There is a lot of grey area with opposites and peoples viewpoints. Based upon my title Doctor/Patient dichotomy there can be grey area as well. The culture now a days thinks that doctors are always healthy individuals who never need to go to the doctors because they get the best treatment around and are never sick because of it, they are incorrect. Doctors do get sick, mostly with some type of anxiety or they get too run down from working long hours. Rather than being one sided it is healthier to have a little grey area in your mind.

In western society this dichotomy is widely accepted because doctors are doctors and patients are patients. Most of the time you would not see a patient running around in a white coat making prognoses and curing doctors. The doctor/ patient dichotomy is mostly a one way street that is unable to turn around. Unless a patient is an aspiring doctor to be, the odds of a strict patient treating a doctor is slim to none.

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