In a culture of biomedicine the way we think and behave in biomedicine can be categories into a culture itself. In biomedicine there have been a standard what are being taught to identify, diagnose and treat an illness. In western biomedicine its focus in biology such as anatomy and a physiology of a human to be objective and universally accepted as much as possible. Though the idea is to be subjective as much as possible, culture can influence that change of biomedicine. One example is what drugs are being accepted and forbidden. I find that it is important because the changing culture can result of how we identify and treat patients.


In my definition of dichotomy is splitting of two from a whole. What I think of the dichotomy in medicine is for categorization to give a role and simplicity. It seems that though the term dichotomy don’t have to be related to be splitting into two gives a way to organize the subject such as leader vs. subject, sick vs. healthy, alive vs. death, and so forth.


The reason of dichotomy in being medicine being accepted is because it allows the organization and provide the accepted role in western society, and idea that is normal or become standard. For example of a doctor and a patient, I think them as dichotomy. Both have relation in health but each of the two have different role that clearly separates. A patient’s role are to have some sort of problem relating to health or a question. Doctor having the power of knowledge, tools, and access to prescription can give advice, prescription, treatments, directs to specialist and so forth. So it may sound like doctor with absolute authority vs. a patient with submissive role, but it is not. For a doctor to perform his job he/she also needs the patient’s cooperatively and permission. It is a logical way to think something that are being accepted as of now but flexibility allow change according to its time.

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