Life & Death

The term “culture of biomedicine ” is used to show how healthiness can be defined in terms of biology. Culture shifts the definitions of “healthy” and how different biological methods detect and treat illness and disease to make someone healthy again. Culture amends and constructs biomedicine over time, however, still withholds biomedicine’s claims of universality and objectivity. Usually however, especially in American society, the ideas, treatments, testing, etc. of biomedicine is withheld more important than culture and cultural changes in society. The culture of biomedicine is very important because, through constant objectivity, scientists and physicians, as well as anyone else interested in the topic, can critically examine disease/illness, as well as potential future problems, disease, illness, etc., to improve health of the population overall. With this, people can seek better health and seek better ways to obtain better health.

I chose the dichotomy life and death. To me dichotomies are a way for a person to explore topics and ideas that cannot be clearly identified by science or thought. Science may have a definition of the clear line between dichotomies, however, culturally, spiritually, religiously, socially, these definitions may not be excepted or understood. To make a definition of a clear line between dichotomies is rooted, a personal account must be established. By making a personal definition, that person fulfills the human goal of classifying things to understand things. The dichotomy life and death , to me, is a way that people can cope with the loss of loved ones, as well as, learn to not fear death, as everyone sub-combs to its grasps. I think everyone in their lifetime tries to discover what life means to them. Is life just living, just breathing, or is life experiencing and experimenting with your future? This questioning allows people to live their life to the fullest and to live the life they want to live. The idea of death is established to define living, ironically. In western culture, by defining life and death there are many actions and ideas taht can then take place. People dying in hospitals can be put out of their misery once declared dead; the family no longer has to fight and the doctor no longer has to provide care to the patient. Religiously and spiritually, people can think that their loved ones are in a better place and develop a euphoric experience with death, as well as, learn to not fear death themselves. Lastly, politically, with the definitions of life and death, laws can be made that can ultimately control ones life, such as in abortion cases. Overall, the dichotomy is accepted as logical/ true to comfort people, make sense of the unknown after death, as well as, make laws that determine someone’s health status.

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