Menstrual cycle

The roles of medications are being to heavily weighted on. I believe that people are relying too much and turing too quickly to medications. Yes, medications are important to many individuals suffering from life threatening diseases and conditions but there ARE alternatives. For example, I saw a documentary based upon multiple individuals who were overweight, suffering from diabetes, and other health conditions related to obesity. The film followed their everyday lives and it emphasized on how many pills and medications they have to take per day. The film ended up showing an alternative way to deal with their medical problems and that was with a healthy died and exercise. All of the individuals ended up recovering from their diabetes, yes recovering, in other words they treated diabetes. Biomedicalization is defined as “the enhancement of our bodies and behaviors through medical interventions”. This calls for mass media attention for example birth control. – Nuva Ring ( form of birth control for the menstrual cycle)

In this advertisement for Nuva Ring they talk about being different and bold. They try to relate to you by asking you questions that would fit into your life for example “tired of your old birth control routine?” Emphasizing that it is a hassle to remember to take the pill every day. They show the women who are on birth control and they seem to be acting robot- like. Then they show the women after they have switched to the Nuva Ring and they seem to be more laid back and desirable. As far as social roles go the only people who they show who use these forms of birth control are younger middle aged women. They all look healthy and thin which could be desirable for a younger woman to look up to as well as older woman for a goal. When they present the medical information they specify who would be an eligible candidate and who would not for the product, reading off what could go wrong also if someone came into contact with the product as well. There was no patient- doctor interaction in the advertisement. The advertisement was really directed towards females with regards to the atmosphere and demands.

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