Aging and wrinkles

There is some drug or pill for every imaginable thing out there. The average American takes slightly over 10 pills a day. From vitamins and supplements to seasonal medication and medication for illness o disease, the pharmaceutical companies make billions year producing and marketing drugs that consumers believe they cannot do without. Our society has become so dependent on theses ills and there is always a newer, better product that comes out and attracts the attention of even more users. We believe that in some way, these drugs are essential for good health. Drugs like diet pills and diet supplements, pills for PMDD  and anti-aging serums are believed to put us in positions to be more successful and enhance our wellbeing. In the lecture video, we saw how these commercials for birth control pills gave the idea that menstruations cause women to be less productive than the men and lose valuable time.

Watching the video on Pill Poppers we see how many people for many different reasons turn to pills and how easily it becomes part of their everyday lives. We also see how these pharmaceutical companies have expiated this to their advantage because of the potential for profits and gene what a big part of our economy depends on people taking these pills. The video talks about researchers creating illnesses lie female’s lack of sex drive because they want to produce a drug to combat it and make people believe that they need it.

I chose to talk about aging and wrinkles because I think this is one of those made up illnesses if you can even call it that. Aging and having wrinkles is a natural part of the aging process. Our skins lose their rigidity after years of use and the muscles in our faces begin to relax and we get wrinkles. Pharmaceutical companies have convinced people with wrinkles especially women that it makes them less attractive, makes them look older and thus they need to do something to “cure” it. Women believe they need to look attractive to get and keep their men/husbands, to gt ahead in their professional lives especially those in media or public relations, they not think they need these serums and creams to be happy and content in their lives. There are a thousand commercials and new products everyday for this. The worst/best part is that they do not even require a prescription. They can get these at your average grocery store, so no need to see a doctor and convince them you need it,you just need to convince yourself.

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