Medications in our society are popular, what else is the doctor for besides prescriptions anyway? As stated in the Menstruation lecture, people have tactics and will do whatever it takes to get the prescription by the end of the appointment. Even though this makes us sound like drug addicts, if you look at the lifestyle and expectations of American society, even having the common cold could deter success and progress in life.

From a young age children are taught to stay away from people if they are sick, for obvious reasons. We don’t want to inconvenience anyone’s life by making them sick because then they have to go to the doctor to get the medicine they need to help them keep performance up for work and families. And of course going to the doctor is annoying enough because you have to wait an hour to see them and then you only end up talking to them for about 15 minutes. The point is, having an ailment is viewed as a seriously debilitating thing that prevents normal functioning because of adverse symptoms. But, medicines can take away these symptoms and allow return to normal living. One cannot get left behind in American society for fear of never catching up again.

We take painkillers for headaches or even natural causes like menstruation that we saw in lecture that has been biomedicalized into a disease of its own, creating a need for more medicines. Antiobotics, blood pressure pills, clotting meds and their counterparts, and the list goes on. Many conditions that are natural or just the bodies way of adjusting have been medicalized into something way more serious. Such a condition is an allergy. An over dramaticized reaction from the immune system towards a certain antigen that causes running nose, watery eyes, itching eyes sounds very annoying but the fact that you can outgrow and allergy makes me feel like it is a natural reaction.


I like this Zyrtec commercial mainly because it shows multiple aspects of someone’s life and what they may encounter during the day. They show a woman in the work place, a lady going out to lunch, and a dad playing with his daughter; all situations in which allergies are affecting the people. This also indirectly shows the high degree of importance we place on working and family time since this medicine will help ease allergy symptoms in these situations. Another fact they added to the commercial was that this medicine is now over the counter, no need to go to the doctor. The ease of attaining the medication is so tempting why wouldn’t someone want to try it? Also the fact that it works faster than Claritin might make the decision between someone choosing to be “ Claritin clear” or “Muddle free” with Zyrtec.

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