More medications are used in the United States than any other county in the world. People have become use to medications and finding a “quick fix” for everything . This shows our society values feeling good inside and that no one should suffer; it may even go beyond this to say that people should feel great, not just normal. According to the class lecture this bio-medicalization idea started around 1985 and is continuing today. Western society has pushed for not just being average, but to be the best person you can possibly be, even if that means taking medications. Another important aspect in using medications is celebrities being spokes men and women for a drug that they likely no little about. This is seen in the reading where people are upset with celebrities when a drug has a fault because they place their trust in them, as in Bruce Jenner’s case. People are also commonly told about help through the use of TV advertisement and ask a doctor for their recommendation.

Depression is a serious issue in today’s society and doctors and researchers have definitely noticed this and have used direct to consumer advertising to try and solve this issue. In the commercial I watched, the drug Cymbalta is marketed to those suffering from depression. This commercial starts with slow sad music and dim lighting. The commercial talks about the “simple pleasures in life” and what those suffering from depression can be missing. The commercial shows a person sitting with friends and not enjoying their company and laughing along with them, as this is a stereotypical social role one should have in society. It also shows the values of playing with a dog and going out to the park to have fun with others. The music then speeds up and lighting is a bit brighter as the drug is introduced. No doctors are shown during the commercial and a voiceover simply states facts about the drugs and informed viewers they should see a doctor. The commercial seems to give hope to those who do not have it to begin with and present Cymbalta as a quick cure drug option.

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