According to the lectures medicaliztion is the control over bodies and behaviors through medical intervention while biomedicaliztion is the enhancement of bodies and behaviors through medical intervention. according to the Conrad article medicaliztion is about extending the boundaries of medicine from expanding non-medical problems into medical problems or extending a medical problem itself by things such as symptoms. Biomedicalization shows that we want to be in the best health possible, so we can live a longer life. medicalization has found a way to find cultural deviant people and promote social values along with providing an explanation and a solution. This shows we want everyone to be in best health and we want everyone to work to get it, while others choose an easier way out through a diagnosis as an excuse. We also misuse medicalization such as with adult ADHD to excuse ourselves from being successful. Even non ADHD people misuse the drugs through biomedicalization to improve their cognitive balance as mentioned in the pill movie.

Our culture seems to want to be well and even beyond well to reach excess health. We sometime will give up well being to become more successful in life. Life can be a competition of who has what pills and who is better off. We need to correct these expanding boundaries and limit ourselves to average haealth so we do not end up with super-antigens that can wipe us all out as shown in movies such as Contagen and tv shows such as The Last Ship and The Strain.

I have recently been diagnosed with functional IBS, I was kind of disappointed with this diagnosis because there is no real cure but to ease the pain in my stomach, at first I was given a Hyoscyamine which decrease the motion and acid in my stomach, this did not really do much of anything and when i returned a month later he said to increase to about 6 pills a day. That was too much for me, but i did, no change. More tests and procedures than he gave me the option of a higher dosage or nortriptylin which is an antideppressant which represses the pain receptors in my stomach. An antidepressant to a relatively average girl at 20 years old, this scared me. I mean I am not depressed why would I take that, my doctor told me that this is the last option on the ladder of medication for the time being. I have seen less pain but many symptoms reappear with stress or at random.


I perceive IBS as kind of a catch all, we do not really know what is wrong type of illness. It can be pain, constipation, vomiting, and many other symptoms in the GI. It is a highly medicalized illness. There is a doctor involved in order to get this pill, all you have to do is ask if its right for you. I love how it lists all the side effects that are actually still symptoms of IBS.

There was another advertisement I found that speaks of an over the counter drug called Buscopan, this is where the expert patient might find their own answer for their illness because they have tried everything else and/or do not trust doctors. I have yet to see an ad were an actual patient has talked about how they have overcome IBS with a drug. So far I have been trying to manage mine by recording which foods and times I get sick, along with reducing stress and managing pain with home remedies such as heating pad and over the counter meds.


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