The culture of bio medicine is where we look at how our culture influence bio medicine. For example look at how the prescribing of pills has changed over the years, specifically the antidepressants. Before it used to be a hushed topic but now we have all heard of it, this is because it is now seen as making ones life better not admitting that you cannot control your negative feeling and behaviors. Also look at Menstruation it used to be thought as normal, but now we are putting it on a controlled cycle and decreasing the “symptoms” of the natural cycle. Our culture has lead us to be more in control of our lives so much so that we now control one of the most natural human “illness.” People are also trying to come up with a pill to end their own lives at their choice with peace and dignity.

This dichotomy is a current issue in many debates. There are many sides to this dichotomy from when is someone proven as alive and when is someone dead but there is also the matter of choice of death because of pain or fatal disease. ¬†I personally believe life begins around 6 months this is because I believe before birth the child is given a soul and is aware of what is happening to him/her to some degree, so we should not harm the child after this time. I think this gives the parents time to decide/know what they want to do and all their options involving the baby. Also I personally believe that death is when the brain has lost function. When people are put on respirators and feeding tubes, because they lack the ability to do these things for themselves, I believe we are doing more harm than good, to both ourselves and our loved ones. Some may believe we harming their souls but we also harm ourselves by not letting them go and begin to grieve. I know there are those miraculous cases, but in those cases I believe God knew what he was doing and had the choice in his hands only not the family members. There is also the matter of when should death be acceptable, I know we all heard about “Dr. Death”, a doctor who was helping his patients commit suicide. I believe in certain cases death may be an easier option for most people in fatal illnesses that will make living harder than dying. I believe in these cases they should be given the option to control their lives.

This is a natural dichotomy in Western society because we are given so much freedom in life. We get to say what we believe, whether we are wrong or right. Everyone agrees killing a baby once it has been born is wrong, everyone agrees that with no brain function they need a miracle to live, they also believe that living with a fatal disease could be much harder than dying. We are still working on dictating where these lines specifically are drawn but we get a choice to say our beliefs.

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