The culture of biomedicine is how society interacts with medical technology. In lecture 5.1 it was said that biomedicine can be seen universality and objectivity. Universality biomedicine is a pure reflection of  nature. Objectivity biomedicine is value neutral and autonomous from cultural context and human influence (5.1). Biomedicine can also be seen with language, rituals, and institutionally. Just looking at life and death in our culture can be difficult to distinguish at times, imagine looking at life and death between two different cultures.  In the United States there are many gray areas of life and death. The heated topic of abortion in the U.S. shows how life is a challenging thing to differentiate. Is life at conception or birth? Death also has its gray areas like if someone is brain dead and living off of a feeding tube and a respirator, are they still alive or does their heart have to stop? Life and death seem simple to distinguish in broad terms, but when you look realistically at the details there are lots of questionable states of life.

To me dichotomy is two different ends of a spectrum or polar opposites.  I think dichotomy is helpful when explaining things like one is either healthy or sick, alive or dead, male or female, but realistically every single person can have a different specific definition of each dichotomy. Being sick to one person could mean having a sour throat while someone else could say they are sick and have terminal cancer.  Dichotomies are good for a quick black and white answer, not an accurate description. I think my views on dichotomy came from learning about it in classes over the years and seeing the different perspectives from some many people. Also I think the people I associate with like family and friends influence my views on how extreme dichotomy  spectrum’s are. In our culture everyone wants to be able to speak their mind and put their own spin on things and dichotomy lets them make their own logical explanations and form them into a truth that they like to hear. Dichotomy in biomedicine lets people choice how extreme something can be.

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