In our society if you do not fit the norm, or are acting out of the norm there is a problem that could be solved by biomedical attention. If you take any kind of medication it is supposed to help you consistently demonstrate more healthy behavior, even if your behavior that you are demonstrating is a natural, biological process. Menopause is the point in time when a woman’s menstrual periods stop. Menopause happens because the ovaries stop producing the hormones estrogen and progesterone. At this time of a woman’s life, at the average age of 51, it is normal to fill this way because this is a normal body process that all women will go through.  The symptoms of menopause could be explained as hysterical, irrational and or unstable, since these symptoms are such that is way out of the social norm of a middle age female so this is something that society needs to fix with biomedicine. Having those low hormone levels  of estrogen and progesterone is said to increase risk of other disease and pharmaceuticals use this excuse to push the long time use of hormonal replacements. In the advertisement below it dramatically explains the stages of discomfort a woman can go through while in menopause. Stages like hot flashes, increased weight gain, lack of sexual desire and sleeplessness, all things that are natural to happen during menopause and also things that can be fixed without medication. For this advertisement there was not a doctor patient interaction needed, meaning that there was no really conformation that menopause is the actual issues or if the medication is something that could cause further problems to the health if there is other not normal problems going on with the health. In conclusion, biomedical attention is not the only solution to handle natural processes that happen with the body, it could be simply solved with changes in your diet or daily activity, and unless the natural process is causing harm to other natural processes then a preferred medical system should be sought.


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  1. Vanessa Salmo says:

    This post makes complete sense to me and I actually agree with Jamila about how she framed this argument. I believe that people are looking for something to be “wrong” and when their body has a noticeable change they think that something is wrong. In this case menopause is just something to deal with as you age and it happens to everyone. Society portrays this as an illness because menopause is not something that is defined and constant for everyone. Our culture tells us that we have something wrong with us since our bodies are changing. Economically society wants to make money and their first target is people who don’t understand that what they are going through is a natural thing. We try to stop it by taking estrogen replacement, or taking this drug which Jamila is analyzing even if the drugs are not necessarily the best thing for our bodies in the long run. As people we don’t realize that our bodies will once again be normal it will just be a different normal and that it hard for us to cope with so we call this an illness. Peter Conrad mentions that conditions and illnesses are classified based on how we medicate them and it seems that menopause is in his category of being partly medicalized. This to me means that we are just trying to ease the symptoms not take them away because we all know we are going to go through menopause we just want to do it better and easier than the next person.

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