In the United State the role of medication has become the gold standard of dealing with any pain, sickness or ill feeing that we experience. We have become a society that has divulged so much attention and research into the benefits of medications even so much that many times we find a medication helps aid an illness it was not created to aid. Its becoming a core contributor to our economic state leading to pharmaceutical companies harboring millions of chemical compounds. Where they are tested to find something worth producing, referencing it as “finding a needle in a haystack” or “hitting the lottery” according to the video “Pill Poppers”. In my opinion in our culture there is too much emphasis on media projecting health values and information. It almost shows a disregard for one own well being, we are told by companies that a certain drug will work and we will believe it because our culture is taught from a young age that if you feel something is wrong, pop some meds (because these companies know what they are doing research wise). We even have celebrities making endorsements for drugs/drug companies and most of the time they have no idea what they are advertising. Like Bruce Jenner and Dorothy Hamill on Vioxx that was shown to increase risk of heart disease, they where not medical professionals but due to our culture they hold a position of influence over many people.


In the ad for Concerta a drug to help those with ADHD we see that everything is gray except for the person cutting the grass (which looks to be like a male teen) could mean he is in tune with himself. They have a list of numbers showing the activities that have to be done by said teen. He has a social role of being a hardworking teen during the summer that has to do yard work. Basically a typical young American during the summer and they show the name of the drug in giant letters to make it seem that all this can be accomplished once Concerta is taken. The medical information is small and takes up little room. This ad is aimed be seen by a doctor to prescribe to young minds that need chemically induced concentration.

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  1. Ava Peera says:

    I completely agree with what you have said in this post. I too agree that we tend to rely on popping pills as a way to solve all of our problems. I also believe that it is messed up how we use celebrities to try and sell products. These celebrities know nothing about these medications and are just paid to say what they are told.
    As the article by Conrad and Potter states, ADHD is one of the newer medical categories that has recently been established and recognized more often by the medical community. It came to be known as it’s own category in around 1950, but before then, it was called several different things and had a few differences about it. Today, our western culture focuses on using medicine and pills in order to fix illnesses rather than any type of alternative treatment. I believe that our society today sees ADHD as a weakness and that a person that has it needs to be cured immediately. People are also more likely to self-diagnose having ADHD. People read about the illness in magazines and online and immediately relate to the symptoms and are certain that they too have the illness. We need to be more careful about what we believe in the media and actually see a medical professional in order to receive proper treatment.
    Conrad, Peter and Deborah Potter. “From Hyperactive Children to ADHD Adults: Observations on the Expansion of Medical Categories.” Social Problems 47, no. 4 (2000): 559-582.

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