As a society, we have turned many aspects of our culture into a business.  The medicalization of many drugs has promoted the use of some without the patient being the sole receiver of the benefit.  Conceptually, the reason a drug is made is to help cure a disease or be a remedy for an illness.  Today, it doesn’t stop there.  The benefactors for these pills not only include the patient (most of the time) but also drug companies, insurance companies, and many others in between in the “health industry”.  There are many time when a pill is taken and/or prescribed for a patient that they may be better off not taking. As the video stated, we are guinea pigs in the pill popping industry, every single person who ever takes a drug.  With that said, there is much good that still comes of the process every day. One condition that seems to be on the rise in the US is ADHD.  Both in children and adults, the treatment and diagnoses has been through the roofs.  Without going into detail on why, as it is a controversial topic, Ill stick to the treatment of it.  Below is a link that shows the possibility for parents to see a doctor to seek mediation for their child who has been diagnosed with ADHD.

The commercial shows middle class people, mostly playing out side in a family dynamic of different cultures and ethnicity in different clips. There are drugs able to be help their children which are backed by the American Academy of Pediatric Guidelines. This organization sounds reassuring for parents to feel safer to use the drugs knowing that someone else supports it. There is not much doctor patient interaction in the commercial, more so showing of families getting along.  I can only assume that the peaceful, fun, happy times they are having int he video would not be possible without the treatment of drugs?  At least that is the impression that I felt. The commercial really plays on the cultural importance that we place on family, friends, sports, and outside interactions with each other.  Using these examples to cast a happiness feel would not be possible if these things were not important to us as Americans. The explanation of the possible drug, and how to go about receiving it, is all told through a voice over. The voice is a strong male voice and very smooth and calming, just loud enough to hear over the distance calming music in the background.

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