Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

The American society relies heavily on the use of medications for treatments of pain and illness. Medications are used as a quick fix for our medical problems. Medicalization and Biomedicalization work hand and hand to assist in creating a culture that is makes taking medication seem like magic to our bodies. Making us feel better than we were before we got sick.  Medicalization is used to treat disease with the assistance of medications while biomedicalization is about making you feel better than better. According to the film, Pill Poppers, the average person may be prescribed over 14,00 pills and take about five or more pills a day everyday by the age of 70 that could possibly cure them and extend their lives. Although there are alternatives to a healthy life like exercising and eating healthy, people choose to take the easy way by taking medications. Advertisements made by the pharmaceutical industry make medications seem like they are magic to the body, curing it from any illness. With how the American culture is now days, people are constantly working and busy with everyday responsibilities, they shy away from exercising and eating healthy and rely on medications as a quick fix for any pain or illness. People need to be at their highest productivity at a constant rate, that they start to rely on these medications advertised on television to boost their energy. This says that our culture leaves us no time to be ill and requires us to be as healthy as possible in order to get through our everyday lives.

I chose ADHD because I feel that it is heavily medicalized and biomedicalized in our society today. Medications like Concerta and Adderall are given to patients to allow them to concentrate and keep their minds from wondering too often. These medications are also abused to boost and individual’s attention span even without being diagnosed with ADHD.  The advertisement that I found convinces the reader that their child will do better in school when they take Concerta. It shows two paths that the child could take. The path without concerta shows a consequence given to the child because of their ADHD. While the path with Concerta, shows a reward for the child because they took Concerta.

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  1. Jenny Hallesy says:

    There has been a lot of controversy over the past years on whether or not ADHD should be considered a legitimate medical condition. I do believe that is some cases, this is a condition that does need to be recognized and treated but with the excessive amount of people that are being over medicated for ADHD, it is difficult to determine whether the case is legitimate or a child is just being treated because the parent’s believe they are a little too hyper sometimes. In Western society, ADHD has become a highly over medicalized condition where many people use the medication for an easy energy boost rather than for it’s proper purpose. I find Conrad’s realization about how some symptoms are being so over medicalized that they are beginning to fall into the category of “illness” to be completely relevant to the situation with the over abundance of ADHD cases throughout the U.S. Our culture has created a strong expectation of how children should act at all time; quiet, polite, and calm. If a child acts out of this created “norm” parents will jump to the conclusion that something is medically wrong with their child and they must be medicated as soon as possible. It’s as though people have forgotten that it is completely normal for a child to be a little more hyperactive than others without it being caused from a medical condition. In the past, being as overly active child was generally not a cause for concern since people realized that this was just how some children were. Now that this hyperactivity can be medicated, many parents are resorting to medicating their children rather than taking their children to do activities that will tire them out for the rest of the day. The amount of money being made and spent on ADHD medication has skyrocketed over the years due to this situation.

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