I chose to analyze depression because I consider it to be one of the most heavily medicalized conditions in today’s society. I find it an interesting topic because after being medicated for depression, some people end up in a worse condition than they were originally. I have always known medication to be a very controversial topic in our society. We always hear of doctors over-prescribing medications to patients. An example of this would be the debate on whether or not Attention Deficit Disorder is, in fact, an actual disorder that deserves to be treated with medication, especially when doctors diagnose kids of a young age. There are many conspiracy theories that discuss whether or not doctors work with pharmaceutical companies, bringing them more business by prescribing more people medication, even those who do not need it. On the other hand, many patients are more than willing to take whatever it is the doctor has prescribed them, no questions asked. So many people in our culture take medication daily, without even thinking or caring of the long-term side effects they might have. We just want to alleviate the pain immediately, not considering what the medication is actually doing to our bodies. I believe this is one of many examples of how Americans are all about immediate satisfaction, quick and easy, without contemplating health risks. The film “Pill Poppers” dictates our society’s interest and love for pills.


This is an advertisement for Cymbalta, a medication that is used to treat depression. It emphasizes our cultural values such as having a happy family. It talks about how when one is depressed, they do not want to spend with absolutely anyone and they don’t want to go anywhere. The commercial also dictates certain social roles, such as being a mother and the effects depression can have on being a part of a family. The presentation of medical information was at the end of the commercial, as it usually is in these types of commercial. They discuss the possible side effects of the drug, saying them rather quickly and with less emphasis than the beginning of the advertisement. Doctor patient interactions were also discussed toward the end, stating that before taking the medication, one should first consult a doctor, and if any side effects start to develop one should also see a doctor for help.

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