Medicalization is defined as the control over bodies through medical interventions while biomedicalization is defined as the enhancement of bodies through medical intervention. Medicine has become so important in our culture that when we get the slightest headache or even think we might get a headache or feel some pain, we take an advil.  Many people take medications every day and do not even think twice about it.  In the lecture on menstruation, you mention that women considered their period a burden because of our culture.  Our culture has turned one of the most natural processes of into a medical condition that women are embarrassed to even talk about.  This shows how our culture tends to be more male-dominated.  When women have their period symptoms, especially in the work place, they feel like they are behind men since they are suffering these symptoms once a month that men are not.  The culture has turned menstruation into a weakness.  It also shows that our culture is a “quick-fix” culture.  If we’re feeling a certain way that we don’t enjoy, we want it gone immediately.  We want an easy way to get shorter, lighter, and fewer periods, and the pill is the perfect solution for advertisers.

Cymbalta is a drug marketed to people suffering from depression.  The antagonist of this commercial is how the people are feeling before: they are feeling disconnected from their families.  The drug markets that when they take Cymbalta, they will become a fun protagonist, who will be going outside, camping, being in love, and playing with dogs.  The commercial doesn’t even show any doctors because it wants you to take control over your medicine.  It only mentions a doctor when it tells you to talk to your doctor about your previous medications and side-effects.  It uses the typical line “Ask your doctor about cymbalta, and see if it’s right for you.”  This commercial also shows a lot of women, and hints that depression hurts your whole family.  They are saying that if a mother is suffering from depression, she is hurting her husband and kids also.  This is a very good advertising strategy because obviously a mother would not want to hurt her entire family.  Cymbalta presents itself as the only alternative to depression, which makes sense in our culture, a pill to help depression even after hearing all the terrible side effects that could go along with it.  People are taking a serious risk to get rid of their depression.


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