The condition I chose to analyze for this week’s post is depression. In today’s society and culture, depression is especially medicalized as well as biomedicalized in various ways. I have always questioned medicine and prescriptions in the world today. Medicine is a very controversial topic these days. You always hear about doctors prescribing drugs that a patient may not need or prescribing them for more than they actually need. Another controversial area of medicine occurs with the economic side of things. Doctors also work with pharmaceutical companies to advertise and sell prescription drugs to make money by writing prescriptions for people who may not necessarily need that certain drug. People, especially in the United States today, have a symptom and immediately want some sort of drug to help alleviate it, not considering the long-term effects that may occur in their bodies, either. Many people just want a quick fix from a pill. The video called “Pill Poppers” really put this fact about our culture and ideologies about health into perspective for me.

I found a link to an anti-depressant medication commercial advertisement called “Cymbalta.” The advertisement itself was depressing in my opinion. The ad describes how living an every day life is difficult with depression and refers to “simple pleasures” hurting the individual with depression. The commercial shows an extremely depressed woman, just sitting in a chair looking depressed and miserable while everyone around her is laughing and enjoying the day. It depicted how much social roles are altered when a person has depression. As for presentation of medical information, the commercial seemed to run through that rather quickly. Reading off the side-effects and other issues that may occur while on cymbalta was discussed at the very end of the commercial and they made it seem very nonchalant. The commercial said to consult your doctor if you thought this anti-depression medication could benefit you and if while on the medication you experience any issues or if your depression worsens.

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