I was just talking about the role of medications with the doctors I work with. We were talking about how people want a pill for everything and how they want their body to be 100% and if it isn’t they want a pill to make that better for them. This is not always going to be the case and people really don’t recognize that. They also don’t realize that this thought process can hurt them in the long run. Taking too many medications can be harmful to the body and cause a counter affect.

For my advertisement I chose Abilify which is used as an add-on to other depression medications that one already takes. I think that it is very scary to think that even the drug company doesn’t know exactly how this drug works. Like I mentioned above the more pills sometimes makes a person think that they are going to be better which is why I chose Ability since it is an add-on drug. Don’t you think you would want one drug to do it all not multiple? Depression in society is seen as something to be treated with drugs and personally I would want to try other things before I went straight to a drug. I would want to get to the root of the problem not cover it up with pills but society and our media tells us that this is okay. In this commercial they really don’t talk about the drug itself they talk about the feelings so that they audience connects with them. Most of society does not understand medical terminology so they simply don’t use it in the media. Something that was interesting to me was that they only mention the risk factors for young and old people not really middle aged people and it shows the woman taking notes to what the cartoon doctor is telling her which portrays that they doctor is knowledgeable and should be trusted as a teacher would. The last thing I want to mention is that they used the word “free” in the commercial. This is an attention grabber and much of society will jump on anything that is given for free.


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