The role of medications in American society in terms of medicalization is very important. Many pharmaceutical companies want to make more money so they make “pills” have more advatanges than disadvatnages to a person problem. Even to the point that off brand drugs are less expensive by hundreds of dollars, when the difference is just a name. Many people believe that if you got to the Doctor if they prescribed you a medicine that it would alter or subside the pain or illness. When in all honesty, its like a suggestion someone does not have to take the medicine against their own will. We believe that if we arent happy in our everyday lives that there is something wrong. However, chronic sadness or patented as depression can be a problem when someone wants to self harm. However, it all has to do with their thinking. Bad hygiene thinking comes from anxiety causing someone to think a situation is worst than what it is. When the solution can be a simple as making lifestyle adjustments. Cultural values and ideologies about health is important because people want to live longer and be in good health. So, our society markets these things because people dont want to overlooked negatively. With wellbeing and success I watched a video they spoke about more happier looking people with nice smile chewing gum may get a job over someone whom looks mean or grumpy. They did these on identical twins and the twin who looked more “happy” got more compliments than the other twin did.

In lecture 5 it discusses how there has been a change to biomedicailization, which is supposed to be better for us because it improves our overall well being. Opposed to medicalization which is supposed to be the answer to the question, regarding someones health. Mostly because of society portary of things to be a look “good” for us. For example, it discusses how marketing in magazines and televison they show advertisements about medicine that can change our bodies. Such as diet pills, white teeth and mood changers. Like the rogaine commerical to help men grow their hair back when in reality it doesnt help.

This adversitement of ABILIFY shows a lady who looks sad, but when she takes this medicine she is suddenly happy. However, during the end of the video it dicusses the side effects which is worst than what she is actually trying to change, which is her mood. The side effects were some related death, diabetes and high blood pressure. The video is distracting because it is upbeat music, a happy family members, her smiling after she has taken the ABILIFY. So when an audience is watching the video they are playing attention to her mood change not what the important message in the advertisement. Simiarily, like the birth control ad lecture the cultural values and ideologies in expressed that when you are in a sad mood all the time, it is time to change that. However, not exercising , or eating healthly. But, becoming dependent on a pill to make changes which often makes the person lazy, moody, or even have more problems than before. Social roles in the ad was between herself and a blop of depression that was like an ballon holding her back. Then it changes she is with her family and having a picnic. The doctor and the patient, which she is sitting down listening to him explain the benefits of the medicine.

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