The American society is a very highly developed one with lots of resources, but our society can go over board when it comes to medications. When medications are used in the context of medicalization they are being used for their purpose of healing the body to get it back to a normal state. When mediation is used in a biomedicalization context it is used to enhance the body and increase efficiency (5.2). We use preventative measures and enhancing drugs to be prettier, smarter, and faster than our peers. For example in the film “Pill Poppers” students used Ritalin to be able to stay focused longer and get more done in a days time. If some students are on this drug to get ahead and study longer and harder than others the playing field is not fair. In the reading “From Hyperactive Children to ADAH” it explains how mild symptoms are beign treated with medication early on instead of trying to live a healthier life to naturally fix the body. We may be such a medicated society one day that we cannot function without pills.

In the depression advertisement I watch for the drug Pristiq the main message was how horrible life was without the medication and how wonderful and uplifting life was with the medication. The culture values that were showed were how being energized and upbeat was the norm. Throughout the film a middle aged African American women was talking about her symptoms and then a powerful man’s voice came in when the medication facts were being described. The social role the women seemed to play was a working class American who was much more successful at her job and enjoying life more when on Pristiq. ¬†Also throughout the film there was a wind up doll that was suppose to represent the women’s mood and the effect of the drug on her. The doctor patient interactions were not directly shown, but it was said several times to seek help ask your doctor about Pristiq. Like the doctor will be the special one to prescribe this wonderful drug to take way the depression. Overall the commercial was embodying the American society’s ways of running to a doctor to get treated for being depressed and showing how much better life can be on the drug Pristiq.

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