I believe that depression is a mental illness that is heavily biomedicalized in our society for various reasons. Depression may cause or lead to other disorders or illnesses such as obesity, hair loss, etc. Depression could happen to anyone ranging from a young child to even elderly people. Depression would be described as a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. There are so many symptoms of depression and there are also different treatments used to treat this mental illness also.  The role of medications in american society in the contexts of medicalization would be basically to treat and heel the person that is suffering or ill. The fact that people with certain disorders actually know that most things can be treated or cured with medication could have a positive effect on them and their bodies. The person will be focused on getting better which is a great way of showing a sign of being positive about it. Usually anti-depressants are given to people to treat depression. Our cultural values would be similar to someone focusing on getting better when their ill and doing what it takes in order to get in a better condition. For example in the film “pill poppers” , it shows how many people pop pills for many different issues they may have and how bad the effect may be on them.TheProzac commercial someone  made shows someone at a beach, showing the effects he received from using Prozac.  The side effects of using this drug could be drowsiness, wheeziness, insomnia, loss of taste, jaundice, loss of bladder control, death, narcolepsy, hernias, and seizures. at the end of the video  he jumps into the water and gave the impression he feels hopeless,due to the fact that this drug is supposed to be so effective but actually turned out to not work for him.

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  1. Jesse Miller says:

    A big cultural change for depression is that people finally were shown how depression is an actual disorder, not just someone feeling down for any reason; this shows that the person cannot just pick themselves up and feel happy again, they need actual medical help to recover from depression. The biggest turn for that is the discovery that there is an actual chemical imbalance in the person’s brain that is causing the actual depression, which helped make the breakthrough relevant to the public. As our technology advances, especially in the medical field, we will start to see and solve more disorders and diseases then we used to be able to years before; diseases which were once just thought of as normal or something simple that a person could deal with on their own without and medical attention. Since its has been figured out and been told to the normal public, people can figure out that what they are going through is not just unhappiness that they are going through and they cannot get through on their own most of the times; which is what the ad is trying to show, it shows that if you buy their medicine, you will be able to regain your old life and be able to be happy again.

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