The “culture of biomedicine” refers to the concept about how western society perceives health and sickness and how diagnosis and treatment are determined. The methods for diagnosis and treatment, in this case, revolve primarily around facts and nature. These facts have shaped the way that Americans view the concept of health. Advertisement is the main way that biomedicine has been implanted into Western culture through the use of commercials on the televisions and radios, magazines, billboards, and many other forms of advertisement. Due to this influence, the way that people want to be diagnosed and treated has changed dramatically. They base their treatment off of these advertisements and try to self diagnose themselves if their symptoms match those in the commercial or ad.

When it comes to medicine, dichotomies are a very necessary piece of the puzzle. They are very important when it comes to determining what exactly is wrong with a patient and how the patient can be helped. For example, the healthy/unhealthy dichotomy is important for the sole purpose of determining whether a person has an illness based off of their apparent symptoms. Also, the male/female dichotomy is important in narrowing down possible illnesses that only a male or female can get such as testicular cancer in males and ovarian cancer in females. The dichotomy that I feel is the most important in the medical field is that between a doctor and a patient. A doctor is a very important authority figure when it comes to proper diagnostic techniques and determination of treatment in ill patients. Patients rely on doctors to use their knowledge to help with their illness, while at the same time, doctors rely on patients to present them with an illness that needs to be diagnosed and treated. However, as technology advances in Western society, so does the information that is available for patients to view prior to visiting the doctor. This has become a big problem with patients misdiagnosing themselves and second guessing a doctor that might disagree with the information that the patient obtained regarding their symptoms. This access to technology has begun to destroy the doctor/patient dichotomy because many patients no longer feel the need to see a doctor if they can simply diagnose themselves at home with the help of a computer.

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