Healthy and Sick

The culture of biomedicine deals with the current trends that are seen in biomedicine. It deals with customs that tend to change or stay the same and how people interact with the customs or trends in return. Like the trials and tribulations of becoming a biomedical doctor has its own sub-culture of being accepted into an elite group that goes into medical school and making it to a residency and finally becoming a physician at the end. Along each step culturally, those who make it to the end are seen as refined elite individuals who have earned the credentials to say they’ve become an expert on the classification of the healthy vs. the sick. This culture also governs the steps of those who are sick to take in order to be “normal” again, although this culture stemming from the western society has taken a recent trend to prioritize on the profit margin of health instead of the selfless healing of those who suffer from illness, which has been seen in other cultures. It’s important to understand the culture of biomedicine is something that we must follow because as complex biological beings we are forced to abide by the rules whenever we are injured, sick, or have symptoms of a sickness, thus this biomedical culture molds our society to a certain extent.

Healthy/Sick dichotomy is something that is as old as mankind. Its the clear observation of normal vs. abnormal and thus its molded many human cultures for sometime whether it be a view of biomedicine, the work of magic or dark spirits. Culturally there has always been a method of explaining sickness in individuals thus it’s a dichotomy that continues to evolve from culture to culture.

As I stated it’s a dichotomy that is blatantly seen if an individual is acting or has a feeling that is not “normal” it is obviously abnormal thus we seek a method of returning to that normal state. Thus logically in our culture we are able to create the dichotomy of healthy and sick. Although in western culture the view of sickness has begun to be skewed. We see an intertwining of both those who feel healthy and sick, such as menstruation, a normal biological female phenomenon yet has recently been the target by companies to heal. So then how do you use the methods to fix the abnormal to correct the normal? And its accepted socially by our culture because of the control of the media, like Paula Deen who is famous giving medical advice on people with type 2 diabetes yet she holds no credentials to do so, yet logically we think if she has wealth and fame she has the means of obtaining the knowledge of identifying the sick and making them healthy. Something that biomedical doctors spend a brutal amount of time and sacrifice to earn the credit to label those who are healthy and sick.

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