Medications have a very strong role in biomedicine in American society. Most American citizens have used medications in their lives. It is a normal part of life to use medicine for any ailment. Medicalization was the precursor to biomedicine. When medicalization was used in America it was the first time that antibiotics were introduced to the people. In this week’s lecture we learned the invention of penicillin changed American lives forever. Doctors came into power and took over all healing responsibilities and people were trusting them. This was when people were introduced to the first medicines and the white lab coat earned respect. America then made the shift from medicalization to biomedicine in 1985. Medicine then became increasingly popular. People were taking their health into their own hands and with mass media and the internet people can get information about anything without having to see their doctors. There is a down side to this. In an article called “From the Hyperactive Children to ADHD” by Conrad and Potter it pointed out that the American populations tolerance of mild symptoms has gone down. That means that we are taking so much medicine that our natural processes of fighting off viruses has weakened and become dependent on all the medications.

This commercial is about Lunesta, a drug to help people with sleep insomnia. The drugs purpose is to help people fall asleep and stay asleep. The whole commercial is a minute long and only the first twenty seconds talk about the positive effects and the rest of the video is filled with dangerous side effects. One of them is that if you have taken the drug to not operate heavy machinery until you are fully awake because people under the influence of this drug have operated heavy machinery and not remembered doing so. That should be a red flag for everyone not to use this drug, it is dangerous. Unfortunately the biomedicine approach has people wanting a quick fix no matter the cost. The majority of a commercial should be about positives and have very little side effects.  The only good part of the commercial is that it directs viewers to consult with their doctors before taking the drug.

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