Life and Death

The culture of biomedicine is what we use today as a way of explaining health. If someone is ill, unhealthy, or have a disease the culture of biomedicine, or western medicine, uses the help of the anatomy and physiology of the body to cure the body back to health. The western culture changes frequently in many ways but in terms of the biomedicine it operates in a world of facts or truth, like said in lecture where this only happens under two claims. The first claim is that biomedicine is a direct reflection of nature and is a representation of universal truth, and second, that biomedicine is not presupposing the acceptance of any particular values and is independent from cultural context and human influence.

The dichotomy that I chose was the common one of life and death. My personal view on life and death is being able to do things along the lines of what you would like to although they might have to be within the lines of the legal influences. When you have life you are able to function in terms of understand and are responsive to things that are going on around you in your particular environment. If there isn’t a thought or understanding of the environment or what one is living for then that person might be experiencing death. I feel that the main components of living would be to having understanding and feelings which involves the functions of the mind or brain, or the heart. Death is when you are not able to do actions for yourself mentally, physically, or emotionally. If you can’t feel act or understand, how you are living though your heart might still be beating but what are you contributing to the society which is constantly changing around you. To be able to change and stay up with the diverse, intellectual, and dynamic western culture life and death has to be evaluated that’s why we have places like hospitals and prisons, to help further assess situations where people are not sure if they are living under the right conditions to be a part of the society.

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