The culture of biomedicine is a culture based around our western way of thinking. It includes the idea that rational thought and scientific truths are paramount in medicine and many other facets of our society. It contributes to the idea that most if not all illnesses are due to structural or environmental problems in the body that cause a malfunction in a person’s body and that these problems can be corrected with the proper maintenance. This concept is important because it encompasses the way our entire culture views illness and how illness should be handled.

My personal views on the concept of life/death are very relative to a persons’s state of being and how they as an individual saw themselves before their state of being was changed. This dichotomy is tricky to define because everyone has their own individual thoughts on when a person could be considered alive or whether it is simply their body that is functioning as a shell of the individual, the question arises does that make a person dead or alive? I feel that it depends on how the individual felt before the event that caused the changed state of being happens and after if thought is possible. I feel that these ideas have developed from my past ideas that no person can control how another person sees their own life because it is the one thing we truly own and it is up to us to dictate what that life should be.

I think this dichotomy is accepted but still highly debated in our western culture because it is so difficult to define when a person is alive, dead, functioning or not functioning. I think our current dichotomy is that life and death are natural but they can be interrupted by our advances in medicine even though in the long run we cannot escape death when life is involved.

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