The culture of biomedicine is a very important concept in our society. Every symptom, diagnosis, and treatment leads to how our culture views and uses biomedicine. By studying this weeks materials we were able to see how different methods are used in our culture to treat and diagnose patients. It was interesting when watching the video on pills in our society. To some these pills really do seem magical. Curing illnesses and diseases everyday saving lives. In our culture we are so accustom to taking pills we forget how fortunate and incredible these drugs are.

I think that a dichotomy is an older method used to categorize items into two separate groups. The thought behind this is that if it is not a girl it must be a boy. If they are not alive then they must be dead. People like to think that it is easy to properly distinguish these two categories and that everything should either be one category or the other. By simplifying things it makes it easier for people to understand one thing from another when in actuality things can be in between life and death or between a female and male depending on their characteristics. I think my views on dichotomy are based on the classes I have taken in the past on Gender and Relations.

I think this dichotomy is so accepted because it is easier to tell if someone is dead either dead or alive. Our society does not believe in an in between state because of what science and medicine have told us. There is a specific check list of whether someone is dead or living. If they do not pass each characteristic then they are not yet considered dead but can still be alive. There is a lot of controversy over this topic on how to label a person as dead or alive.

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