In my experience as an individual the culture of bio-medicine has been very influential in today society. Bio-medicine in our society is portrayed as western medicine and in other countries we call it eastern medicine. If we are to compare American medical culture to the Chinese medical culture we would want to note that here in America we portray physicians as being very significant and of high authority. We see this career as being extremely influential and superior. However in China things are a bit different, there they see business as being number one and physicians as being below them. This in turn affects how they let doctors influence their lives and their society. Because culture is so arbitrary and it can be differently interpreted from one person to the next it is hard to determine what is actually bio-medicine and what is the culture of the society. Looking at the history of bio-medicine such as the language and the rituals which have changed over time can help with this.

Throughout my life I feel that I have really been affected by the gender role of male and female. For one in my Chaldean culture the boys are aloud to do more things than the girls even if the girl is older. This always made me so angry because I am the only girl and I have three younger brothers. I wanted to play basketball with them and my dad would always get mad and say why are you hanging out with boys; honestly I didn’t think about it like that at all.

That is just one instance but my next situation I have dealt with this is as I got older. In high school and still today I have a close guy best friend. Many people have asked me over the years how do you stay friends and not like him or anything of the sort. I really don’t know how to answer them but I feel like this is unfair to assume and that society should not dictate what genders can be seen as just friends and nothing more.

The last instance is concerning a class I took here at MSU. I took a gender science class and it really started to make me wonder why society only asks if your male or female because that can be hard for people who have medical disorders that give them both genitalia. There are many people in this world and we should not be so ignorant not to recognize that.

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