The meaning of “culture of Biomedicine ” could be described in different ways but I think the main meaning of it would be the way that the medical centers or hospitals intact with cultures and are influenced by it in different ways. The culture of biomedicine is very important to the world because it is the root of treatment and medical operations for the world. The relationship between culture of biomedicine and the world we live in would have a very important relationship due to the fact that the world needs medical centers and medicine in order to heal and get treatment for illnesses and diseases. Also, culture has actually reorganized medical education in the U.S., as mentioned in the lecture for this week. I also believe A large aspect of culture, have a large effect on biomedicine. The dichotomy I chose to analyze and discusses the male/female dichotomy. I believe dichotomies are essential in this world we live in. My own personal views on dichotomy would be the way that certain ones have actually been misinterpreted or used incorrectly and unnecessary. Some dichotomies actually allow us to create a norm and go by that in society and compare aspects of life.  I think my personal views on dichotomy actually come from the environment I live in and family and friends I surround myself with.  I think the male/female dichotomy is accepted as true or logical in western society. This dichotomy seems really straight forward when describing the different aspects of it. It seems that this dichotomy is actually used to assign gender role in society between the male and female. I think this dichotomy is natural because certain things come natural in life with being a female such as having a menstration and such. Also things come natural for males such as the production of sperm. Also things such as men being more dominant ,aggressive, and physically stronger than women and the women being more submissive and easy going.

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  1. Albert Tamayo says:

    Riasia, I chose to comment on your male/female dichotomy because I believe it is one of the most basic biological ones we take for granted every day. Clearly it is important for clinicians to fully understand this dichotomy. For example, medical professionals must be trained to deal with all sorts of issues that relate to physical genitalia. The way that patients view themselves (e.g. male or female) affects the approach that doctors must use to treat patients. If someone has “male” genitalia, but views herself as a female, then a doctor would need to discuss sex organs in a different way than if the patient saw herself as a male. Adjusting one’s approach to the patient is necessary to properly communicate with the patient and convey the doctor’s suggestions.

    If clinicians took all patients to be either male or female, they would be dumbfounded when it came to some of their patients. People may be born with absent or different-sized genitalia. They may also have too many genes (XXY, XXX) or too few (XO). Finally, a patient may see themselves as male or female no matter their sexual organs. All of these scenarios would call into question whether or not a patient is male or female, so it is highly important that medical professionals acknowledge the male/female dichotomy.

  2. Kayla Lumpkin says:

    I agree with your post and idea that we have been forced to act a certain way depending on our sex and the stereotypes set for males and females. I believe that the dichotomy of male/female is more black and white in society than other dichotomies because our society has shaped these ideas around what a male/ female should be and look like. Our society makes the idea of male and female straightforward because we decide what factors we believe pertain to being a male or female. I believe it is very important for clinicians to understand the guidelines between males and females and also what it means when one does not follow those guidelines and decides to take on a different gender. Sex and gender are sometimes considered the same thing, however Doctors should distinguish them differently as some people classify themselves differently. Sex refers to the biological and physical characteristics of a man or woman. Gender is the socially constructed roles that is considered appropriate for men and women. The way that one views themselves in society should be taken into consideration because historically, If we look at what men and women were classified as 100 years ago nothing in todays society would make sense. Society keeps changing and so does the standards for being considered male and female.

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