According to lecture 5.1 the culture of biomedicine is the importance of body structure or anatomy and body systems or physiology in order to treat diseases and maintain health, dominant in the west. Biomedicine was first the control over bodies and behaviors through medical interventions, known as medicalization. Then it progressed to the enhancement of bodies and behaviors through medical interventions, known as biomedicalization. Biomedicine focuses on natural science to discover the most effective ways for humans to maintain a healthy life. There are two main authorities of biomedicine that were also discussed in lecture, claim of universality and claim of objectivity. Claim of universality is defined as biomedicine is a direct reflection of nature and is a representation of a universal truth. Claim of objectivity  is defined as biomedicine is value-neutral and autonomous from cultural context and human influence.

The term dichotomy is actually new to me so I have never really had specific thoughts on the subject. After looking further into what dichotomy actually was I learned that it is a division between two opposing things. The dichotomy I choose to research further is male/female. While males and females have similarities there are still many differences between both genders. Although we have been working for many years to close the gap in differences between males and females there are still certain gender roles that are expected from men and women. The western culture compared to other cultures is not as strict in following their preconceived roles. Men are expected to provide and protect the family while women are supposed to be the caregivers. Since we have made so much progress in the concept of gender roles it is not unusual to hear of a stay at home dad, but that is still the minority. Going back to the definition of claim of universality the truth between genders is that we will never be expected to perform the same roles as the opposite sex. A male will always be more masculine expected to provide protection, will a female will be more feminine expected to provide comfort.

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