According to today’s society in America it is very normal to take medicine for almost everything.  In America we pretty much have some type of medication that is used for almost every type of medical condition you can think of. Americans rely on medicine to pretty much clear everything even if it is very minor (way too much if you ask me).  Instead of using a natural remedy for minor pains people would rather take pills to cure themselves. In America medicine is heavily advertised and people turn to them because they feel that that is what’s going to help them. Medicalization is the control over bodies and behaviors through medical interventions. After World War II that is when the medicine industry began to boom, this is when doctors believed that biomedicine is the best way to heal people.  This is where biomedicalization comes into play; it is here to enhance bodies and the behaviors through medical interventions.

Below I posted a Midol commercial for the relief of menstrual cramps, bloating and fatigue. In the beginning of the commercial it starts out with a guy telling the woman that he is on break and then she looks sad. You would think that she asked him to do something for her and his response of being on break makes her sad but then two women start talking to her about cramps and how she doesn’t have to “put up with it”. They downgrade another medicine and uplift Midol in saying how it help with numerous things woman have to deal with when they get their menstrual cycle. The woman happily takes the pills from the women and she is automatically smiling and they tell her that she “deserves better”. As you can see the main target is women and they made sure to mention the things that women hate the most about their cycle in the commercial, they pointed out how it beats any other medicine and as soon as she took the pills she automatically became happy again.

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